Home Again

Yep, Jo is home once more. She was actually back pretty early this weekend, and while she had a great time, the game wasn't as good as it usually is. The guys were shocked she was a girly for once - I mean, she even arrived in a skirt - so they all had a good time. Not to mention she did her entire weekend-supply of booze Friday Night/Saturday Early Morning. Lucky for her the guys all share.

She got home, had her shower and removed the last traces of her makeup, put on some proper makeup and we headed over to Ruths - Jaysen had been there most of Sunday, playing with the army of girls there (Ruths two, Pauls, one, plus Celeste was there with HER daughter, AND the girl she had sleep over last night...)

Celeste left with Nadine and, er... the other one, Paul left with his girl (who's name I can't spell... Khana? Kana? K'na? Meh), I sat in the garden with the worlds supply of bubbles, Jo and Ruth sorted the kids dinner while gossiping. Ruth - not a roleplayer, but listens intently. I reckon Jo can convince her to go, even if not to play, but as a bar wench or something.

Sure the guys would love that ;)

Anyway, we got home, bathed Jaysen then put him to bed, I cooked dinner, we watched a DVD and had an early night so the dirty stop out could flake out on me by 10.30.

I have no sympathy for her - I didn't make her stay up all weekend!

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