I Love The Smell...

Of 4.15am. I have no idea what it is about the crack of dawn, but it has it's own special smell. It's quiet - aside from the birds - the weather is lovely and warm, there's a breeze, and it just smells like the crack of dawn. No traffic, no schoolies, no yobbos, just "early".

And WHY am I posting at this time of the morning? Well, with the heat in our bedroom even with the windows open, even with two desk fans blowing over us, it was too hot to sleep. We were in bed at 10pm and it was like our own little apartment in hell. Our bedroom faces south, and is on the top floor of a flat-roof-building, so from about 5.40am (when the sun pops up) till just after 9pm (when it falls out the sky), the sun is shining in our room. The heat builds and builds and builds and then - we go to bed.

On top of all this, my legs are hurting and I couldn't get comfortable again. Plus the sound of two fans on full speed is like trying to sleep in an airport. Plus the breeze blowing my hair all over the place drove me nuts. So I gave up, and here I am.

To the kettle for coffee! Away!

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2 Responses to “I Love The Smell...”

Anonymous said...

Just a little suggetion Dan, keep your Bedroom Curtains shut during the day in the Bedroom with the window open (assuming it has a child catch on it) thats what we do, keeps the room so much cooler..

6 am is good too

Dan said...

Well, our bedroom curtains are ALWAYS closed, and the windows are ALWAYS open. I think it's kinda like a giant kiln - if we left clay in there during the day we'd go to bed and find a new dinner service ;)