Dream Translation!

Thanks to Minge, he has sat and picked over my dream post and translated it for me. Hope you don't mind me posting it in a slightly more public manner matey!!

The house represents the self and obviously, the outside represents third parties. The fact that you were mowing the lawn, then, seems self evident. You have a desire in your sub-conscious to cut back in some way. How this is interpreted depends on you and what's going on in your social life etc. The fact that you went back into the house may suggest that you feel the need to go into yourself and/or cut yourself off from outside influences.

So, a fellow blogger then knocks at your door and you go out in a red car. This suggests there is or that you feel there is danger out there in the big wide world. The danger seems to manifest itself in strangers.

The DVDs and videos that you've seen before suggests that you feel history is either repeating itself or that you have a fear that it will.

Eating and means of defecation suggests "flow" or a feeling that you're watching life go by. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, it would depend on your thoughts and feelings at the time. However, the fact that you are glueing the toilet lids to the seats suggest you don't mind new things coming into your life, but that you don't want them to go out.

The cleaning staff represent your friends and family who see your attempts at stopping this flow as a bad thng. Or your subconscious tells you that they see this as a bad thing. Then you look at the DVDs again, all tieing up in the fact that you have a fear of history repeating itself and you wish to stop that. You want to have an influence on your life whereas you perceive others prefer to and would prefer you would go with the flow.
Fascinating stuff! Quite a bit of it reads as "oooh yes, I can see that" from my point of view, and Jo nodded on several occasions while reading it... Guess we should see what happens! Thanks Minge!

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5 Responses to “Dream Translation!”

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

Sounds about right to me, could mean a number of things though for you, I know the CHD world is a cruel place, and you now have 2 healty children where you should have 3 be it one poorly little girl, (missing you Bethy) but with Jo suggesting another little patter of tiny feet, I know what you must be thinking, I womt be having any more for that reason either I dont want to push my luck either, I feel safe knowing (that charlie is doing ok now, but there is always a but) and I have a heathly boy that I never thought I would have.
I can see where this dream is comming from

Love Debbie

Minge said...

Mon plaisir, Dan. Years of practice!

Has anyone ever called you Danny Boy? I'll elaborate once you tell me the answer.

Dan said...

hehehe lots of people are always calling me Danny Boy... Everyone calls me Dan, or Daniel if I've been naughty, but there is a small handful that use Danny and Danny Boy on a regular basis :)

Minge said...

It's just that I had this wild dream. There was an old woman who looked like most old women do, polyester dress, white hair, set, as per usual... She was singing Oh Danny Boy... When she finished, everyone clapped (we were in a theatre) and then I woke up. You were the first thing on my mind, though I'm not sure if you were in the dream or not. So now it's your turn. What does it mean?

Dan said...

hehehe I had to get someone to translate MINE because I don't have a clue... Maybe you're thinking about me after using your head so much to translate for me ;)