In Other News

Just been reading Sky News, and I SWEAR this is the last Football reference I make. David Beckham doesn't want to be Captain any more. Seems more like a little kid stomping his foot with a "I dun wanna play anymore!" moment.


Back to playing with Google Earth some more methinks ;)

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3 Responses to “In Other News”

Alan Fisher said...

I watched the England game last night against Portugal (I was rooting for England, which my Scottish friends won't like... actually, ALL of the Ukrainians were rooting for England too)

Anyway, I happened to notice that another English player was wearing an arm band which I assumed meant he was the captain? I alway thought Beckham was captain so I was surprised to see someone else wearing it. Dunno who it was, though.

Can I just say that every time the tall lanky streak of piss appeared on screen (Crouch?) all the Ukrainians burst out laughing! He was RUBBISH!

Dan said...

Well, I've seen less than 30 seconds of the entire world cup so far, and I am including news articles on Sky in that total, so don't have a clue ;)

ucallmemadam said...

Is the World Cup on. What's that all about?