OK, it's not a huge amount of inspiration, but I thought "what the heck". Alan in Ireland just put a photo of his new home keys onto his blog, and my keys were sitting beside me, so I figured, what the heck. Boredom is a dangerous place to get me. So, here you have it. My keys.

For those interested - I can hear everyone clicking "Close Window" already - you have a keyring with Jaysen and Bethy passport photos, a loved bear from Jo, a Dan-Kana from Hawaii, all three kids cord clips, a sex bomb trolly token, a scoobidoo, and several keys to several things.

While discussing Alan, he's threatening to put his blog on moderate because of me and his friend Beth. Bless him.

In other news - on topic, because Alan mentioned it in his postings - the "interesting ways of finding my blog" - I had an entry yesterday from Quebec, Canada : "date knife wielding psychopath"

Still, congrats on your new place matey!

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2 Responses to “Inspired!”

Alan said...

That's a fine bunch of keys you have there!

Dan said...

Why thank you ;)