It's For Charity, Mate!

OK, the title is lost on every single non-Brit, but never mind...

You there! You! Listen up. You all know about Bethy. You know at least the basics, in that her heart was wonky from birth. CHD - Congenital Heart Disease. So, onwards with the point.

You've all read about the chap that took his paperclip and traded up and up to a shiny new house - amazingly named - Well, there is a chap that is trying the very same thing but for charity. he intends to take his bit of old rope, and trade upwards constantly for 18 months - whatever he has at the end, he will auction off for charity.

Good stuff.

So, at the very least, go check out his blog at and at the most, have a dig around, see what you've got to get involved in this.

I'd auction Jo, but old used goods are worth so little.

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