The Sixteen-Month Old Geek

Kids learn most when they are young. Proven fact apparently.
And in this house, the first thing they can do before counting to five is learn to use the computer!

Granted she's not using it, but she knows what the mouse does (ie, drags everything around on the screen), and knows that the keyboard makes funny noises when you press all the buttons at the same time. She holds the mouse properly too!

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2 Responses to “The Sixteen-Month Old Geek”

Nancy Jensen said...

Hi Tam! You are right, she really does hold the mouse the right way. Does she hold any of the cats the right way or does she drag them around by their tails? :-P

Dan said...

touch wood, so far so good with the cats. We've had some hair pulling but usually it's Dipstick on the receiving end, and he's too thick to realise.