Me - For Once

After flicking through my blog, it occours to me there are VERY few pictures of me. Browsing my hard drive for "amusing" ones, it turns out that I am in fact the one behind the camera 90% of the time. I found about a dozen of me. Figured I like to make people smile, so what better subject to use than me and my manly prowess.

My... er... 21st? Maybe. Not sure - it's one of my birthday parties. Note the following: I am thin, I have no facial hair, a center parting, leather trousers, and manly pose. This is taken in the living room of our old flat (apartment, to you American sorts). The door with the trainspotting poster is the bedroom, and between that door and the wall behind us was the worlds smallest kitchen. Also note the size of our TV and the size of our Video collection.

The others there, well, the hunchback is Ian, not sure what he's doing, probably an Igor impression. Between my legs, well that'd be Jo's older brother Grant. The chap crouching is a guy named Richard and the other two people - there is a leg to one side - I have no idea, and that shadow between me and Ian - a friend of my sisters that REALLY didn't want to be photographed. Daniel I think his name was...


Ahhh yes, a snow day. OK, so I am fat, but the hair is the same, I actually have a goatee but it's too crap to see, but the manly pose, that's still there! I'm surrounded by all my friends too ;)

"Oh it's fun to stay at the... Y-M-C-A" and here we are, mid "M". From the left - I forget his name, but he was a scout. Then there's Chunky Me. Then Jo's ickle brother Greg. Then there is Ben. And on the end is Nathan. Nathan, the man that is the cause of the Great Toga Incident that people always talk about near me, not to mention great days such as "Let's All Wear Womens Clothes" and "Let's Play Pool Cue" a game that involved leaning a pool cue against someone without them noticing.

The photo would be Jo's surprise 21st, where she looked SO good sobbing, red-face saying "I'm soooo happy! *sob sob*"

And here it is. The Toga. My god I look young. This photo has been buried for more years than I can remember, but me and Jo had been together for about 10 months, so it's pushing 10-11 years old now. This would our Toga Day at the European GenCon (a gaming convention). While in hindsight taking actual togas or white sheets would have been an idea, we were staying at Loughborough University, and so, the logical item to make a toga from would be the greeny-blue bedsheets. There were about a dozen of this wandering around for the day in scorching temperatures. The following day was the "Three Grown Men In Dresses" day, of which the photos couldnt be scanned as the scanner blew up. Shame ;)

If you're good I might put the other two Toga pictures up some time, with me and Nathan posing and looking very dashing with out "Rome or Bust" sign...

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5 Responses to “Me - For Once”

Anonymous said...

Thats Ian?
The same Ian you have as a friend now?
just not what I expected.....
around here Ians are fair skinned blue eyed type of guys

Dan said...

Yes, the very same Ian :) He's short and hairy!

And for you Americans, the name of the University - Loughborough - is pronounced


I can hear most of you hacking up lungs trying to say it.

Minge said...

Fabulous. More of the same, please.

Please tell Richard that he's hot.

Dan said...

Well, Richard moved away somewhere obscure and then as far as I know, joined one branch of the military or another - haven't seen him for years!

And if I get a chance, I will A) get the photo albums from my mum, and B) get the scanner sorted out.

mckay said...

cute in leather.

and i said it just fine, thanks.