More Charity Stuff!

OK, see the box off to the side there, regarding Money For Old Rope - making money for a charity related to Heart Defects? Well, he's in England, and a chap named Tim is following his lead in sunny Australia. He's still thinking up a name for his site, but it's going to be related to a zipper.

Why a zipper? I can fully understand his meaning - almost every heart kids I have ever come across - including Bethy - called their surgery scars their "zippers". Bethy was extra lucky - she had her chest zipper and her tummy zipper, and would happily show anyone that came along.

So - Tim is starting with a zipper, and will be trading up and up until a certain date, when whatever he has left will be auctioned, the proceeds going to an Australian CHD Charity.

Go take a look, even if to drum up some support for him!

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