Oooh The Cinema!

Yesterday was what I like to call "A Fricking Hectic Day". As Tam is still pox'd up, we had Jo's mum look after her over night so we could go and watch Jaysen - it was Jaysens sports day at 9.15am. I'd like to say he kicked ass, did really well, and won everything, but there are no winners any more, so I'll just leave it at "he did good", and came home with a sticker that read "I'm a Good Sport".

Tight bastards!

Anyways - so we didn't have to take the plague-girl out with us, Jo's mum had her from the night before. With me so far? In fact, let me edit this into the correct time line... There.

So, Tam at Nans, Jaysens sports day... Right - then we had Ruth and Paul come over for coffee as I was due to go to Ruth sisters to fix her computer. 10.45am, I leave Jo here and head out with them, and sit screaming at a computer for the rest of the day till about 2.40pm when we had to get the kids from school. Needless to say, the computer wasn't so much broken, as waaaay out of date. Someone had put Windows XP Pro on it, a AMD Duron with 128mb of RAM, and a 10gb Hard Drive. Anyways...

Went to get the kids, got home, walked to the cinema - a walk that we always always thinks is about a half-hour jobbie, when in fact it's over 45minutes. Jo of course wore girls shoes and spent the rest of the day moaning about her blisters.

Without ranting about the prices of cinema tickets (I can see why people pay for stupid pirated copies) or the prices of the food and drink in there, we finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. We loved the first film to bits, and couldn't wait to see the sequel, so the three of us (obviously minus the pox queen) went to see it. Jaysen was good as gold, jumped a few times, but didn't need a single pee break during the two-and-a-half-hours we were in there.

The movie was great - can't say if it was as good or better than the first, but certainly not worse. I'd put them on an equal par. Well worth going to see if you like to buckle your swashes, and stuff. Special effects are top notch, plot was excellent, acting was great, and lots of belly-laugh parts to boot. There is a snippet after the credits too - credits that go on and on and on - nothing plot breaking, but still ;)

And the advert for Superman Returns still kicks bottom. Even Jo wants to see it. I saw one the other day when Superman deflects a bullet. With his eyeball. His Eyeball!!

So - we left the cinema, Jo's mum picked us up outside with Tam, we hit the MacDonalds drive through, and got in just before 8pm. And an hour later, Jo's little brother and his tribe showed up for a couple of hours.

No wonder I am knackered today!

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