A VERY Odd Dream

Can any of my dear readers tell what dreams mean? Because I had an odd one, and one of YOU was in it - despite having never ever met you...

So - I'm sitting in my house after mowing the lawn (??), when there is a knock at the door. I open it to find Alan standing there in a business suit, asking if I am ready for the night out. After saying goodbye to Jo (who is sleeping in the bath), we head out to Alans red Ford Ka. (For you Americans, it's a "sporty" little car that is very pokey). So we head out, and go to a resturant where we are meeting others, and sit around eating a meal; me, Alan, and four or five other guys neither of us seem to know.

Then we're back in the car, driving down the motorway when Alan announces he's hungry and pulls into the services. At the entrance there are various cheap DVDs and Videos, where we stop to look - all of them are films I've seen or own, all have hologram covers, and all do wierd things when you move them around.

So - we get something to eat, then head to the loo. Where I proceed to superglue the toilet seats to the lids. The cleaning staff go mad, me and Alan tell them we saw one of their workers going from toilet to toilet earlier, and head out - stopping at the DVDs again.

And then I woke up.

So, me and Alan went for a meal - with strangers - then a service station, then a public loo... There were a suit, DVDs, a red car, superglue and toilets - 5 toilets, to be exact! Jo sleeping in the bath, night time... Very confusing!

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6 Responses to “A VERY Odd Dream”

Gretchen said...

I can't tell you what it means, but it certainly does sound odd.

Minge said...

I will give this much thought, investigate and research... And get back to you!

Daddy Cool said...

Perhaps it's just too much spicy food close to bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Sounds to me like you are preparing for you stag night, Jo wants a water birth or water bed but as for you cutting the Grass, thats the hard one,,


Anonymous said...

I think the grass is an analogy for rolling a joint....

Minge said...

The house represents the self and obviously, the outside represents third parties. The fact that you were mowing the lawn, then, seems self evident. You have a desire in your sub-conscious to cut back in some way. How this is interpreted depends on you and what's going on in your social life etc. The fact that you went back into the house may suggest that you feel the need to go into yourself and/or cut yourself off from outside influences.

So, a fellow blogger then knocks at your door and you go out in a red car. This suggests there is or that you feel there is danger out there in the big wide world. The danger seems to manifest itself in strangers.

The DVDs and videos that you've seen before suggests that you feel history is either repeating itself or that you have a fear that it will.

Eating and means of defecation suggests "flow" or a feeling that you're watching life go by. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, it would depend on your thoughts and feelings at the time. However, the fact that you are glueing the toilet lids to the seats suggest you don't mind new things coming into your life, but that you don't want them to go out.

The cleaning staff represent your friends and family who see your attempts at stopping this flow as a bad thng. Or your subconscious tells you that they see this as a bad thing. Then you look at the DVDs again, all tieing up in the fact that you have a fear of history repeating itself and you wish to stop that. You want to have an influence on your life whereas you perceive others prefer to and would prefer you would go with the flow.