Where Am I? #2

OK, as it's a laugh, I figure I will do this again. However, the first picture is for everyone to have a bash at. A fairly easy one for you this time. The second picture is just for Phyllis. If you want to have a go at that too, fine, but just for him, I want to see how close he can get. Point for country, point for city, point for WHERE in the city.

You can post your answers if you want, or leave them till I tell you where they are, it's up to you - it's all for a laugh anyways.

So, for anyone and everyone:

And just for Phyllis (though anyone can have a go if they like!)

Have fun :)

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3 Responses to “Where Am I? #2”

Dan said...

I think the first picture is pretty easy actually. The second... Well, not sure - I know the answer so know what I am looking at!

Alan Fisher said...

is the top one the Kremlin?

Minge said...

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow?