Music Craziness

Those of you that read Minges blog will know he and a friend appear to be heading out into the world of the musical industry. Or are they? I've downloaded his songs and listened to them - tapping my foot, I should add - but the cynic in me can't help but say "They're winding you up Dan!".

I've always been a bit... untrusting? No, not the right word. Maybe suspicious is a better one. Anyway - I've always been a "concreate proof" kinda chap, despite being interested in various conspiracy theories. When Minge first mentioned he's releasing a single, I read it, chuckled, and moved on. Minge was having a chuckle, and the world continued to turn. Then he made another post about it, but this time he gave a link to download it. Which I did.

And then confusion set in. Complete with a frown. Was this real? Was Minge working with someone and actually releasing a single. I checked the profile of his partner in crime, WXiz, but his blog is something about council letters. Granted, his profile does mention Electronic Music, but still...

So, while I am sitting here trying to work out if someone is having a laugh, if they've used some music creation website or whatever, Minge makes another post about another song. A few days later, low-and-behold - he posts the download link.

I think my problem stems from the fact I read the original post and took it onboard as Minge having a laugh, and now it appears to be real, my brain is refusing to let go! hehehe

Then they kick me in the danglies, and drop their website onto his blog.

So, Minge, WXiz, kudos on your music, very catchy - I woke up with the vomit track stuck in my head. If it's real and legit, I offer you all the best, if it's fake though........... Vengence is a dish served rare-to-bloody....

Oh, and for those of you that might consider yourself sensitive, you might not want to download the music ;)

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