Smart Party... Not.

A few days back, we went over to see Ruth, but before the kids could run out and play in the garden, Ruth told the kids they have to stay in. Why? Because the night before, some 'doids** decided it'd be a really good idea to pile some rubbish against her fence. And set fire to it.

Now, granted ,it wasn't a big fire, but it destroyed one panel, so their garden now opens up onto the wide open world. Not fun for little kids to escape into. Not only that, it opens her garden up for anyone to get into. Single mum, two kids... Yeah, smart.

She called her housing people, and they've "put it through as a priority". Sounds OK, right? Well, "Priority" to them apparently means "by the end of August". Which pretty much put the garden off-limits for the summer holiday. Along comes Dan armed with a saw, so now the hole is barricaded with stuff that not even the squirmiest of kids (Tam) can get through. I told Jaysen to break it down and get out - he gave up after ten minutes. Cool.

She's called the repair company direct now and explained the situation, so they are going to come out "as soon as they can", but to the housing people, and to the knobs that did it, congrats, you win the Dick of the Month award.

And I scratched my leg on the brambles while pottering around!

**Doids = Basil'doids. The arseholes, idiots, tits. Those of you in the UK, think of Chavs, but more so.

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One Response to “Smart Party... Not.”

Emma said...

TOTAL shits that did that but sorry darlin am pmsl at thought of you being a handy man! Did you tie up your hair into li'l piggy tails while you banged on the fence???