Where Is The Dan?

Things are all very quiet from my side of the world, and for my regular visitors, I apologise.

Between being sick, worry about Gemma, Pete and Amy, I find myself deep in a rut. Actually, that's not the right term... I don't feel particually down or depressed, but I seem to have no energy and no motivation again. Happens every now and then. My doctor and a couple of forums I read suggest it has more to do with me having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome than anything else, the ability to not concentrate, not stay focused, and having a very low drive.

Of late, we've been out and about, had friends over, watching DVDs, as well as entertaining the kids what with Summer Holidays happening, so my energy levels are waaaay diminished anyway. Once Jaysen is back at school in a couple of weeks, then I am hoping to get back into my routine.

Despite it being the holidays, I am struggling to get a sleep-in of a morning. School Holidays are the time when parents should be able to sleep in late, but ho ho, not Dan. Six in the morning is about my average, though is often earlier and occasionally later. 7.45am has been my laziest morning so far since the end of July, but most nights I am in bed late, so getting little sleep.

So, all is sorta well, jut quiet on my part. Think I need something to cheer me up a bit :)

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8 Responses to “Where Is The Dan?”

joansy said...

How about this: http://www.cuteoverload.com/

Nancy Jensen said...

Gosh, Dan, are you copying me? I have not had energy either... and all the running around I've had to do to get her situated in school and the boys in their schools... and new doctors, etc.... Of course I'm getting to bed late with Jess. Sleep? What is that? I dont get enough of it but that's all I want to do.

How about a SLUMBER party? lol


Since you need cheering up, I thought I would post my favorite Calvin & Hobbes, seeing that he is 'you' and all.

Calvin is daydreaming of spaceman spiff, flying through an astroid field. His teacher yells, "CALVIN!! This is Geography class, what state do you live in?!" Calvin: Denial. Teacher: I guess I can't argue with that.

I had that posted in my locker in High School, still my favorite!


Nancy Jensen said...

Becky, I love that! I always say, "De Nile" ain't just a river in Egypt ya know! (I stole it from an old SNL skit). But I like your Calvin & Hobbs one too.

Minge said...

I know what will cheer you up. Get Jo to smother your nude body in cream, chocolate spread and cherry jam, then lick it all off.

debbie said...

PMSL and what Minge suggested, have wicked and cruel visions of Sally (boxer dog) getting there before Jo. But then again I can Imagine Jo standing back and letting Sally do it.. can just see Jo laughing at that one Dan???

Hope your feeling a little better Dan


Gretchen said...

Been checking in...

Now, though, I know what you're doing after checking the two previous comments!

Daddy Cool said...

My little one is up at 6:30 most mornings. ugh. On those rare occasions, I never thought 7 am would feel like sleeping in.