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Well, we didn't resort to any "Desserts-on-Dan (dammit), but things are a little cheerier in Danville. Still not entirely certain what pushed me into my funk, but I'm working on clawing my way out once more. I'm still somewhat tired, and still aching like hell, but putting up with it for the most part.

All I can say, is roll on next week when Jaysen is back to school, and things go back into a semi-normal (for me) routine. I know, I'm anally retentive and like day-to-day things ordered.

Jaysen and Tam have been keeping us busy throughout the holidays, and while we've been out and about, there's only so many times you can go to Places X, Y and Z without said-kids getting bored out their skulls. Jaysen is actually looking forward to going back to school - I think he's done with the holidays now as well - plus he misses all his friends.

We ventured into town this morning, figured "go in early, get out early and miss the armies of twats" but The Army of Twats had the same plan. It's like every Basildonian realised school goes back next week, and the kids need new clothes, shoes, haircuts and everything else. Duh. We did all the in the FIRST week, get it over and done with. So our quick nip-out-and-shop turned into three hours of old people, mums with six kids running riot and a screaming baby (multiplied by a squillion), and everyone else that decided to "pop out".

Been playing Warcraft on and off over the holidays, as well as Oblivion which seems rather large but addictive. Jo has been out and had girls over playing Singstar upstairs. Holy Crap, give me a cat to strangle - we seem to have some tone-deaf friends! hehe

The mp3 collection has increased, as has the DVD collection. We've also ditched Telewest cable TV in favour of Sky and have a shiny new dish polluting the front of our house. We compare prices and packages, seems the same package on Sky is £20 a month cheaper, so off we went. Poor old Telewest though - I phone to cancel the TV and this woman was almost begging me to stick with them. I was adament - no thank you, turn it off. Well, if you don't watch much telly and have Telewest, here's the trick - tell them you can't afford it, and whatever they say, tell them no thanks. They eventually offered us the minimum package free for a year. hehe Result. So that box is going elsewhere in the house now.

Toying with switching from Telewest phone to BT, but not sure still. Seems like lots of loopholes for something so simple. Not going to be changing the internet though - I prefer the standalone connection, not faffing around with routers, filters and ADSL crap.

As for "Me and Jo" time, well, we've managed one adult night out throughout the holidays. One. Toddled off to a local "alternative" club - black clothes, heavy music, lots of bass... We went with a few friends and had a great time, even if the kids were returned at 9am the following day - we didn't get in till gone 2am, and didn't hit the bed till nearly 4am. hehe Jo was away a few weeks back as well, beating the snot out her friends again, while me and Jaysen had another Boys Weekend. He kicked my ass on a couple of playstation games, but meh, I can take it away from him if he gloats ;)

The powers of being a daddy. *flex*

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joansy said...

Welcome back!!

Happy dance! Happy dance!


It's great to see you again.