And Not-So-Lucky Americans

Last post, I swear. Of course, this all depends on your views of the Prez.

Bush Whacked In Drama
George Bush is to be 'assassinated' by a gunman in a new TV drama.

The film, called Death Of A President, features a mock-shooting of the American leader during an anti-war demonstration in Chicago.

The Channel 4 movie, set in 2007, explores the effects of the US-led 'War on Terror'.

The plot focuses on the subsequent murder investigation and a suspect who is Syrian.

Actors play secret service aides and agents who recall how events unfolded, the Daily Mirror said.

The White House refused to comment, saying only the drama "does not dignify a response."

TV watchdog John Beyer warned the movie was irresponsible and might inspire a real-life assassination attempt.

He told the Mirror: "If something happens as a consequence of this film, then blood is on their hands."

More4 boss Peter Dale told the paper: "It's an extraordinarily gripping and powerful piece of work, a drama constructed like a documentary that looks back at the assassination of George Bush as the starting point for a very gripping detective story.

"I'm sure that there will be people who will be upset by it but when you watch it you realise what a sophisticated piece of work it is."
There is a small photo gallery here that shows a few scenes - once again the use of a computer/photoshop/skilled digital artists shows how easy it is to make ANYTHING look real...

I will post with some real content in the next day or two, I swear ;)

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