And So It Starts

One Hundred and Three Days.
Two Thousand, Four Hundred and Seventy Two Hours.

And so on...

That's how long we've got till Xmas folks! We're not even half-way through September, and it's started. Decorations for sale, Xmas shopping ideas, even the Xmas Spam from Kellkoo and ShopSafe. The off-license (that's a liquor store to our American friends) has a range of "Christmas Drinks" that are mostly Chocolate liqueur and something like coconut, toffee, fudge, strawberry or whatever - kind of like a chocolate selection box.

With my Birthday next week, I always have to chuckle how far away the Christmas stuff starts, and it's ALWAYS before my birthday. Last year I found stuff on the first week, but have to admit I've not been looking too hard this year.

And with Crimbo around the corner, that means New Year is only a week away.

Last year was our first Christmas without Bethy, and while it was tough in places, we got through it. New Year was the kicker - the fact we were starting a year without her felt like the weight of the world was on top of us. Then, two weeks after New Year would be her birthday. Then in late February, it's the anniversary of actually losing her.

Ugh, can you tell I had a bad night last night.

Time to start planning the Xmas gifts I suppose...

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2 Responses to “And So It Starts”

debbie said...

OH Dan Honey, that must be a scary thought to think xmas is creeping up on you/us like that, and to think that christ its going to be 2 years since loosing Bethy, bloody hell where has the time gone, although I do know for now its been 19 months soon..

I hope you dont have to many bad nights honey but I can tell your Birthday is going to bloody hard to bear too..

with you all the way honey, oh whens your B;day my Bros is friday and Dads is Sunday,

Dan said...

Nah, I'm fine - not worried about my birthday, and only in a mood as I'm tired.

And my birthday is Sunday as well :)