Blergh *sniffle*

Today, I did something that I do so rarely, it throws me into a spin and I get all confused and detached when it happens.

I went to bed and slept this afternoon. Not because I particularly wanted to, but because Jo told me to do so, and that I felt so crappy I would have fallen asleep in front of the PC. That's Personal Computer and not Pediatric Cardiologist. But anyway. I went to the bedroom at about midday - a bedroom that I rarely see during the day - laid down and had a read for half an hour, and the next thing I know, Jaysen it poking me in the side of the head with a "Mummy said you have to wake up, Daddy".

The clock showed 5.50pm. Ugh.

It's getting on for 7pm now, and we've got company tonight. Not sure if I can handle sitting around rolling dice and being geeky, but if we cancel this week, we'll cancel next week, then the next and the next... So no cancel.

Anyway - thanks to everyone that sent me piratey links and did piratey posts - made me chuckle. Gold star to Christinefor actually making pirates yesterday.

Tim - I should point out that Talk Like a Pirate day is International. You'll have to celebrate next year - don't worry, you'll get lots of warning! hehe

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One Response to “Blergh *sniffle*”

joansy said...

Afternoon naps always throw me off too. I hope you're feeling well soon!