I Missed It!


So I've spent the last 36 hours being poorly, and still feel as rough as sandpaper. The joy of Jaysen being at school is he brings back Every. Single. Germ.

On the bright side, I've not been flu-like for a very long time - lots of colds and sniffles, but I feel like hell.

Which means I didn't get a single pirate day post. Well done to all of you that did the piratey thing though. I think in truth I am just run down. Getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, rushing around all day doing whatever, being busy and what-not, then going to bed late, it all caught up, and Jaysen bring home his cold was the last straw. My body found it, accepted it, and just let it go for broke.

My birthday was wonderful - various fried animals in copious amounts, lots of beer (but not too much - I don't drink till I pass out), lots of cake, a fire-hazard that was my cake and various pressies. There was no hang over, but Monday my throat started getting that nasty itchy-sore feeling. Monday lunchtime the headache started, and just after dinner I was ready for bed. Yesterday I was barely functional, and today I've dragged myself out of bed so I can get the other germ-factory ready for school. Thank heavens Ruth has offered to take him in. I am sitting her sweating and shivering, all at once.

I hate being ill. My everything hurts. And I can feel it moving straight to my sinuses I can always tell when sinusitus is coming on, because if I try to breathe in really deep, my nose gurgles and I can smell burnt toast. I know, I know, very odd, but there you are.

Meh, I need a coffee too. Yaaar, me hearties. Yaaar.

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4 Responses to “I Missed It!”

Nancy Jensen said...

Ok... this is the 2nd time I've tried to post a comment here... let's try this again:

Glad you had a good birthday and hope you get to feeling better. :)

debbie said...

ARH Dan, sorry your feeling rough again, I think maybe you need to intake loads of vitamin C. glad to hear you had a good birthday too

Laney said...

I hope you feel better today.

I thought you might like this website. :)


Laney said...

And another one...