Bored. With a Capital B.

So, aside from our little trip into town yesterday, I spent most of the day bored out of my proverbial skull. My mobile was quiet, my email was quiet, none of my computer games danced around with "play me, play me", and I couldn't be bothered to watch any DVDs. So, I browsed the web, clicking links, wandering the ether, seeing what I could find.

According to my history box, I browsed just over 800 webpages yesterday. Not bad at all. However, in true Intarweb Fashion, less than 1% of these were interesting. Twelve, to be exact (so for you number freaks, 0.015%), of which I will share. Yes, you've probably seen some of them before, but you know what... Tough :)

  • 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The US Army: Pretty much as it sounds to be honest. Rather amusing. (List)
  • OK Go - Here It Goes Again: Saw this several weeks back, but apparently they did it on the VMAs. (Video)
  • Intentionally Infecting a Computer With Crap: One mans experiment to completely naff-up a PC. (Article)
  • Suspended Formula 1 Car: Every part of this car is dangling from a wire. (Photos)
  • Sumo Beanbag: This just looks comfortable as hell. Of course, for a beanbag, it's not the cheapest! (Store)
  • North Pacific Gyre: Apparently all the tides in the Pacific have made a huge rubbish dump. (Wikipedia)
  • How To Make A Coin Ring: Making a ring from a coin, amazingly ;) (Article)
  • Extortr: You've seen Flickr, Image Hosting Sites and everything else, well this could catch on! (Spoof Site)
  • Fun With Thermite: Couple of chaps playing with Thermite on Brainiac, a UK "Science" Show. (Video)
  • Ten Thousand Reasons Why Civilisation is Doomed: A list you can add to, ranging from "Barney" to Socio-Economic Theory (LONG List)
  • Dear Santa, I Want This Desk: Of course, it'll mean a lottery win first. Check the range - pretty impressive! (Store)
  • The Flat Earth Society: Just. Wow. I left this till last intentionally, so I could write more than a brief write up. As their name suggests, these people are adamanet that the earth is flat, that the governments keep the truth hidden as a conspiracy, that pilots are in on it, NASA is in on it, and it's all "backed up" by their theories. People seem to join the forums JUST to rip the shite out of them. OK, so each to their own, THAT much I can handle, but it's the fact they back up every single arguement with "It's a conspiracy" or "Prove your theory right before proving ours wrong" and suchlike. If you've got time, read through the forum, starting with the FAQs, and then the various topics. (Webpage/Forum)
See - WAY too bored yesterday. I am sure there is probably more stuff, I just forgot about it while I slept. Not that I had a good nights sleep, hence me being WAY too tired today! hehe

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