Yes, I know my Cbox is broken.
Thanks for the texts.
And the phone call.
And the Emails.

Everyone elses is working, so I think something is either busted, Cbox is having issues, or I broke something - not that I've been near that part of the code today.

I'll leave it be and fingers crossed, it'll fix itself ;)

Edit: Have to laugh when someone gloats their Cbox is working - only for it to go offline 10 minutes later.

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5 Responses to “Cbox”

Anonymous said...

Hmm... My Cbox is off today too.

Mark said...

Nah Nah mines working fine and dandy thanks very much. he he ;o)

Dan said...

It is now, but while you've been slacking off all day, it's been offline.

Mark said...

LOL, excuses excuses

Nancy Jensen said...

Suuuuuuure... it's not YOUR fault when your Cbox goes crazy but when mine does all you have for advice is to dump the old one and start a new one.

The Cbox fairies were listening and took their revenge.