Hollywood Comes to Adverts

Well, again, I suppose. But anyway...

I saw this on YouTube yesterday and thought "Yeah, pretty good - crappy quality, sound was off, but not bad". And then I thought "I wonder how good it is with proper quality and decent sound. So I went through my History folder, found the YouTube, and hunted around a bit, till I found the homepage.

Follow this link, do what you like with the intro, then select "Watch the Movie" or "Download the Movie".

Not sure why it appeals to me so much. As Emma would say, "Simple Things..."

Edit: I should note that the big "HB2me" post was put up at a little before 6am this morning, BUT I've edited the post time so it stays on top all day :)

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2 Responses to “Hollywood Comes to Adverts”

Nancy Jensen said...

How long is that movie and what's it about?

Dan said...

Oh don't worry, it's nothing bad, gross or whatever - it's a TV advert, about 2mins in length :)