Considering The Switch...

Some of you might know that Blogger is currently being overhauled, and in the coming weeks/months, Blogger v2.0 will be released. It's still in the Beta phase - that is, still being tested - and apparently people are being invited to switch to Beta to test it. I know China Blue has already done so, and I think maybe a couple of others have as well.

I have to say that I am tempted. I like new fangled features, and I like testing stuff to see if I can break it find any flaws. I know that to switch you need to have a GoogleAccount (as Google now owns Blogger). I have *cough* a couple of GoogleMail accounts if anyone wants an invite - while it's not neccesary to have a Gmail account, it's something else you can mess with :)

The "Known Issues" list is a LOT cheerier than it was 2/3 weeks ago.

I'm also considering a new URL for the blog. Long story short, I never thought I'd A) Keep blogging, or B) Get the number of visits I am getting a day. I figured "Jump on the blog bandwagon, use a username that is likely not taken" in that "Lyrass" is my D&D world. Well, that word to most people means squat. I've managed to set up a Gmail account with 0ddness.Bl0g - zeroes and not oh's, so will probably try and get "0ddness" or something similar.

However, knowing my luck, something will go plooey, so I am going to switch my WLD Blog over first - assuming I can switch just one of course. If not, then I will create a new Blogger Beta account and see what's what. The thought of losing my inane ramblings - while they lack substance for the most part - sends a nervous shiver down my spine!

If this blog vanishes, you'll be able to sit back and think "Ah-yep, he done gone busted it", followed a few minutes later by my scream echoing around the world...

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