Considering how mean Jo is to me, and considering how nice I am being, I figured I'd post this little clip of her dancing. Well, sort of. A few of you have seen this, but most of you haven't. Of course, Jo doesn't realise I've uploaded it to YouTube for easier viewing.

You only live once, eh? hehe The other chap with her - Grant, older brother!

Edit: Wow - I just found this and OTHER posts "Saved As Draft" in my Blogger thingie - this has been here since early July!
Edit Pt2: To my Irish readers, I am so so sorry for her "attempting" an Irish accent.

Edit3 - Well nuts. Turns out that as this is a private video, it's not viewable by anyone but me. Pah. You'll jhave to pretend Jo and Grant have no dance co-ordination, can't do silly accents, and really cannot dance. Oh, and she jingles ;)

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