Dear Idiot...

To the sad prat that decided taking the handbag from a 95 year old woman was a good idea. I hope you take her pills to get a buzz. Don't worry though, we've sorted the locksmith, the credit card company, the bank, the doctor & pharmacist, the opticians and her insurance. I hope the £10 in the purse gets you some bad coke. I hope the you feel ever so tough and grown up from snatching that handbag from her. I'm sure when you're bragging in the pub to your fellow crack-heads that you will go up so high in their estimations.


So yes, Jo's nan had her handbag nicked from her today, and it's been lots of fart-arsing around getting everything sorted that she needs. Lucky for us she's a tough old bird. After all, she's seen off two world wars, various monarchs and prime ministers, terrorists and what ever else has hit the world since 1911. She was on her way to work when smart-boy struck. Granted she only works in a charity shop, but how many 95 year old grannies do you know that do three days of work a week?

As usual the police are their ever-optomistic selves. "We'll keep an eye out but it's probably all gone now anyway".

Actually, I'll leave this post here before I start willing bad stuff to happen to bad people. Let's face it, it'll only backfire.

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3 Responses to “Dear Idiot...”

Anonymous said...

getting bag stolen = not fun

I know.

People are jerks... and from a 95 yr old? Don't they have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

One I cant believe that has happened to Jo's Nan how awful, I hope Nan is ok, and working to, My nan is 92 and needs all the help she can muster to wash, come to think of it she has never worked..

Nancy Jensen said...

I hope Jo's Nan is ok. I hope she wasn't attacked or hurt in the process. My purse was stolen back in April and we were able to get the credit cards, ATM cards, driver's license, etc all taken care of. Only had $15 cash so it really wasn't worth the hastle for the idiot to snatch it anyway. I'm still thinking of little things that were in that purse ... like a little container of tylenol, small packet of kleenx and certain pen that I like. What a pain.