Need... Coffee

I usually get by on very little sleep. A few hours a night isn't an issue for me. Disturbed sleep is not my favorite, but beggars can't be choosers. Or something.

So it's 11am and I am actually nodding off as I sit her reading blogs. I cleared up after the school run and Jo is all under the weather. All night she was up and down, tossing and turning in bed and couldn't sleep as she felt rough. Of course, her not sleeping means I don't sleep. So that has contributed to the Tired-Dan.

Added to this, I've only had two coffees so far this morning, whereas usually by eleven, I'm jittering and bouncing from the black gold. On top of this, I am dealing with the bane of all sleepy people. The worst thing ANY person can do when they are tired, is cuddle a sleeping toddler...

It might not look impressive, but the angle of that photo is WAY off.. That is my left hand there, resting on the top of my desk - the light wood colour is my desk. Another side effect of her being there - I can't feel three fingers.

And I'm warm. The summer holidays started out sooo promising. July was glorious (you might recall my "Old People Whining" posts) and August was supposed to be better. Supposed to be better. August was in fact pretty crappy, then the day the kids return to school, summer wakes up again and comes out to play.

So I have blood in my coffee stream, I have a sleeping baby on me, I've had several crap nights of sleep, I'm all warm and cozy... I wonder if I can make it all day!

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