DVDs Out of Control

Had an email from Gemma a few days back - have we got some DVDs she can borrow, do we want to borrow any of hers, yada yada yada. She had a neat little list and it got us to thinking - should we list ours out for her? So we did, and it took an hour and a half.

Bear in mind we've only had a DVD player for a couple of years (Well, two years in December!), we're sitting on 280 DVDs, plus various TV Series box sets and what not. Not to shabby! I think we should start renting them out - we might recoup some of the money we paid out!

The collection itself doesn't seem to have a theme - which is good, because we don't have any real "set" genre in this house. Everything from Chick-Flick to Slasher-Flick, Funny-Ha-Ha to Funny-Peculiar, Sci-Fi to Boo-Hoo. One day I might put it on here for all to see, but let's face it, it'd take up too much room!

I considered listing the Videos as well, but we're pushing well over 500 there and I just can't be arsed. I am Pro. Pro-crastinate!

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One Response to “DVDs Out of Control”

Mark said...

Wish I had loads of DVD's I have a few but not many. Certainly not worthy of listing them. Get well soon Dan.