The Week In A Post (Pt3)

Not having been very well this week, I've missed out on various bits, and my browsing has been almost zip. This is also the week that I hit 30, and much to the chargrin of others, I'm not worried about getting older. Not fussed about wrinkles, grey hairs, or anything else people worry about.

To everyone that sent me a card, an email, a text, or left a comment, thank you. I'd have gotten back to everyone sooner, had I not felt so crappy this week.

Also worth mentioning - Nancy had a birthday this week, as did another friend of mine, Jeanne. When we were in hospital with Bethy, both these gals called from the States, Nancy from Arizona, Jeanne from... erm, Pennsylvania Conneticut, I think. Anyways, these two gals are a two of those I've known longest, so a very happy birthday to the pair of them. Even if they are approaching very large numbers.

Aaanyway - here's the blogs this week:

  • Jo celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Christine celebrated too, but in more style
  • Emma broke something (and left it broke)
  • Minge is still in Okinawa and posting in comments
  • Alan From Scotland got censored :(
  • Alan From Scotland then found a new home
  • Alan From Ireland went off on a tangent
  • Joansy learned various lessons being without Hubby for a week
  • Laney has a daughter with the curliest hair ever
  • Lara had a busy weekend
  • China Blue can now comment till her heart is content
  • Mark was productive (allegadly) and wanted a beer with me (fool!)
  • Stuart has a redesign, and his son has a bit of a dance
  • Debbie discusses her sons Speech Therapy
  • Richard escaped the bloodless coupe safely
  • Gretchen recalls the story of her wedding rings
  • Paul has toothy issues, and discusses the problems with mouths and CHD
  • Tim is woken by a bump in the night
  • Nancy got old. Well, Older
  • Brians son kisses his daddy. And kisses, and kisses
  • Moncrief goes back to the lake (and freezes)
Other than that, not a lot to share from the great WWW. Like I say, I've been in bed most of the week :(
No doubt I will be posting more later today. Unless I take some more cold medicines.

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3 Responses to “The Week In A Post (Pt3)”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings. Much appreciated since I just celebrated my 305968473736478th birthday. hehe...

BTW, Jeanne is in Conneticuit not Pensylvania.

Dan said...

That's a LOT of candles ;)

Of course, I suppose it's my old age that made me think Jeanne lived in Pensylvania. I seem to recall her having a very thick accent ;)

Nancy Jensen said...

Jeanne does have somewhat of an accent, but YOU have the most noticeable accent! All of you over there do. When I spoke to the nurses trying to track you down, I could hardly understand them either. lol!

And I didn't blow out candles this year. No birthday cake either. something about a fire hazard?? ;)