Food Hypes

Is the world on some sort of cycle. This food is good for you, that food causes cancer, you need more of this and less of that, start over... I swear it's happening all the time. For instance:

Warning Over Superfood

A new superfood said to boost peoples' sex lives and the immune system is set to hit the supermarkets.

Chinese Goji berries are selling so fast in health food stores suppliers are struggling to keep up.

But health experts say people should not get caught up in the hype as conventional fruit and veg is just as healthy and cheaper.

A small bag of the berries costs £4 and it is recommended people take a handful a day.

They are packed with 21 trace minerals and 18 amino acids and are also said to shift cellulite.

But the British Nutrition Foundation said Goji mania is being driven by clever marketing rather than good science.

Goji berries will go on sale in Tesco later this month and Waitrose in October.
I mean, seriously.. £4 a pack?! Because they claim to improve the sex life and immune system. It's all hype. Like that SkyNews article says, you might as well eat normal fruit and veg - it's cheaper. Even the Wikipedia Article on these berries says a lot of the stuff is hype and never proven.

And you can bet the reason it's hyped - Celebs. Again. "This celeb has this hair cut, so it's In and Cool" or "This celeb is using this handbag so it's In and Cool". For heavens sake, it's like being back at school. Except this is now Life and Culture. People pay too much attention to the current Cool Person/Couple/Baby and try to model their lives on it. Why? I just don't understand this Celeb Culture, people famous for naff-all, selling their story to some glossy magazine, writing or paying someone to write their Biography.

Holy hell - how can you have a biography at 21 years old?! Born, School, College, Big Brother does NOT equal a Life Story.

No. One. Cares.

OK, so I went right off-topic there. Meh. Eat right, live life, enjoy everything. Otherwise you'll just spend your life counting numbers, calories and everything else. Enjoy your food. If it's not berries, it's green tea. If it's not the tea, it's a vitamin suppliment. If not that, then something else. And so on.


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