The Other End of the Scale

So in that previous post, I went off tangent as usual. The Celeb-Culture we're living in drives me nuts (duh), but there is the opposite end of the scale. Those thrown into the limelight by the press against their wishes.

Case in point.

For the last 18 months or so, I've been reading a very personal blog that you've probably heard about (especially if you live over here). Girl With A One Track Mind is a very explicit blog about a woman and her life, including her sex life, but written anonymously. (I should note, that link is not for kids nor the faint-of-heart ;) ) So popular was this blog that she scored a book deal - again, anonymously - and the books flew off the shelves. Within three days of being published, one of the papers over here - NOT a tabloid - outed her and announced who she was to the world.

Now, had that been me, I'd have buried myself and never left the house, but The Girl countered that by granting a couple of interviews elsewhere, including one on TV with Sharon Osbourne. She continues to post on her blog, but every intimate detail is now pinned to a person and she has to face people that know about it - friends, parents, workmates. She's lost her job over it. All because the fricking press wanted her to be a celeb. They HAD to know who she was. But why? Every little detail - and then the arseheads made her out to sound like a seedy women that was ALL about the sex.

But the way she has dealt with... Kudos... Really. Holding your head high and greeting the world without flinching.

I think I need another coffee. And maybe some prozac. Guess I am getting cranky in my old age! hehe

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