Getting Back Into The Routine

So far so good. Sort of. Today is the third day Jaysen has been back to school, and despite the fact I am usually an "Early to Rise / Late to Bed" sort, I'm sooo tired. I suppose it's the difference between "Getting up at 6am" and "HAVING to get up at 6am" that is killing me, but thankfully it's Saturday tomorrow. Which means I'll be up at 6am regardless ;)

Anyways, after chatting with Jaysen he is actually loving being back at school. The teacher is great, he loves everyone in his class bar a couple, and generally, the transition of Infants to Juniors went without a single issue. He said at dinner last night "I wish our house was on top of the school so I could sleep there". Blimey.

Summer is still clinging on for dear life, but I think it's losing very slowly. It's darker earlier, it's chilly in the morning, and walking to and from the school doesn't involve dehydration or showering three times a day. I'm actually wearing jeans for the first time since about May! Granted I've been known to wear shorts most of the time, but still...

And now, with the housework done, my Spam and Eggs eaten, and Tam dragging the damp washing out the tumbler (after assisting me eat afore-mentioned Spam and Eggs), I'm going to do... something.

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