The Week In A Post

I've seen several other bloggers do this and figured "What the heck!", and will list one post from the week for each blog I read. Maybe it will get others reading blogs from other places, maybe people will see me just sitting here killing time ;)

  • Christine posts an article regarding the American School System.
  • Jo went up to tidy up Bethys Garden
  • Emma discussed why she loves her job.
  • Minge has headed off to Okinawa for his Holidays.
  • Alan from Scotland is "working" in Dubai with this scenery.
  • Alan from Ireland considers deleting the blog.
  • Joansy has another brush with fame.
  • Mark reconsiders buying a puppy.
  • Stuart breaks out onto YouTube huting a brush with fame.
  • Phyllis turning Japanese (and off to Okinawa with Minge!)
  • Gretchen has a busy weekend.
  • China Blue makes life-changing steps with her career.
  • Paul at Money for Old Rope has a brainstorming session with his blog.
  • Tim at The Special Zipper discusses the different perspectives of a heart parent.
  • Becky has an "Uneventful" weekend.
  • Moncrief says goodbye to, and sums up, the summer
  • Brian shows us his photos of an interesting marketing tactic.
  • Nancy proves she is not only arty, but has too much spare time!
  • Debbie has strange flashbacks while doing what other parents consider "mundane".
  • Richard continues talking frankly on his holiday in Thailand.
If your blog isn't listed, it means I missed it (Bad Dan!), it's not been updated (Bad Karin!), or it's a blog that isn't being advertised to the unwashed masses (Bad, er... You know ;) )

And that is clearly not in any order at all - I'm far too lazy. It could be nice-to-horrible, or vice versa. It could be stinky-to-horrible, or vice versa. Age, Race, Dan-Alphabet, take your pick!

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5 Responses to “The Week In A Post”

debbie said...

All this says about you Dan is that you have way to much time on your hands, may be you should charge for you computer services or take up childminding, maybe even Cross stitch


Dan said...

Charging for my computer services - never work - everyone expects me to "have a look" and might slip me some cash if I am REALLY lucky.

Or hell has frozen over.

Childminding - not sure there are that many brave souls living locally!

Cross stitch? Pffft my manly prowess would never stand up to it.

Dan said...

Oh and besides - I check ALL the blogs I read several times a day. If I posted a comment on someones blog every time I visted it, they'd be drowning in new comments!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan. I've not been about much lately - so am droppping in to say hi. And I finally got broadband. The laptop I'm using has, like, wooden parts and all, but I'm happy!

China Blue

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

leave me alone
at least til next week