Great Plan Dan

Several (many) weeks back, I decided that our too-dark-blue kitchen needed decorating, so off we popped, chose a colour (some sort of yellowy yellow), got some pads and brushes, got home - and I was too knackered to start. Few days later I got cracking and knackered myself out doing half the walls. Today I decided I'd finish the job.

And finished it is. However, I am knackered. What hasn't helped is that I had a crappy nights sleep last night, had a real ouchie back going on before I started, as well as the fact I woke up yesterday to a really aching shoulder where I either slept funny or had Jo sleeping on me all night. Whatever, I'm now in Ouchtown, population me.

So, here I sit, blasting music, waiting for the pills to kick in, drinking a cold coffee. Of course, it's also fun to be texting Jo and telling her about Pixies that invaded the kitchen, tried to steal my shoes, and that the goldfish have been spying on her meeting with them in the park and that she's in on it, the damn dirty Pixie Lover, and that the Pixies left armed agents around the room to watch I don't call the authorities.

So I just finished posing dollies, a teddy, an action man and, er, a jaffa cake, all armed with cutlery.

Oh yes, the reason Jo isn't here is actually two fold. Firstly, trying to paint with a Tamasaurus Rex running around does not equate to fun nor easiness. When I am in my kitchen, Tam wants me to pick her up so she can throw herself at the sink, or watch me prepare dinner or whatever. Added to this - Tam has a fun trick. She decided to lick the wet paint. We scrubbed her mouth out, called the NHS Hotline (Not to worry, only a small amount, watch her for swelling of the mouth, if concerned, go to Casualty) and decided Tam+Painting=Impossible.

The second reason, is that Jo has gone to her mums to go through some of Bethys clothing. When we first lost her, we left it a month or two before clearing through her room, and even then it was done in stages. Clothes that she always wore or clothes with some meaning or another were kept and stored at Jo's mums. Of course, back then, almost everything we looked at we could see her in, so the pile was pretty big. Jo has gone today to thin it out some to give her mum a bit more space. Judging from the tone of her texts, she seems OK, but we'll see how it goes.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go adjust my Anti-Pixie-Mindreader Tin Foil Hat (tm).

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