Growing Like A Slow-Growing Weed

So Tam is coming on leaps and bounds, from the small wriggly mass of gore, goop and newborn, to this little demon that runs around the house constantly. However, while we have plenty in the "Babbling" section (she's learning from her mother), we're not having much in the "Constant Talking" section (Thankfully, unlike her mother). She is so clever it's scary, and I keep forgetting she's only 17 months old.

She seems to know where everything is, what goes where, who wants what and everything else, and today she impressed us a tiny bit more.

See, of late, we've been debating what to do with some stuff. Bethy had her 4th Birthday 2 weeks before she went into hospital, so obviously there was a lot of virtually new toys up there that we didn't know what to do with. Could we give them away to a charity shop or hospital, could we give them to a friend for her kids, should we keep them. Tough stuff, so we put it all away and decided we'd see how it goes. Well, with Tam really getting into her Dollys of late, we decided that she could have the baby set that Bethy used to love.

And now, like her big sister, Tam is loving it. Bear in mind how old she is, and she's already grasped the concept of putting baby into her highchair, feeding her, and putting her into her cot to sleep. I even got "Shush'd" earlier while Baby was sleeping...

Note Jo's pitchfork in the first image... Guess she has work tonight!

So, she's still pretty diddly, but growing up, if that makes sense. Next steps - talking and potty training!

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2 Responses to “Growing Like A Slow-Growing Weed”

The Random One said...

Oh how cute :)

debbie said...

What can I say but awwwwwwwwwwww so cute and so Like Bethy Dan its scaring me

Tam is just so cute,,Glad you decided to let Tam play with her toys