If you're seeing my normal blog layout, then all well and good, you can ignore this.
See further down for my "fun"

If, however, like me and Jo you're seeing what Tim described a couple of weeks back as "The blog looks like text only", then yes, I think something somewhere went plooey, and the most annoying part - I have no clue where, what nor why.

At first I thought Blogger brain farted. No, everyone elses blog is fine. Then I thought maybe I just needed to clear my cache and suchlike - no, still broken. Try Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, no joy. Check it on Jo's machine - still dead. Reload the template, check the template host site, check others using the same layout, no no no.

So, as much as I hate to do it, I am going to leave this like this for four hours - that is, I'll give it till midday today. I apologise for how it looks, but I do love my template, and am hopeful it will remember to come back. Maybe it's having a lay in.

If not, well, I suppose I will have to get a new template.

The "Sidebar" is currently WAAAAY at the bottom of the page - just press your "End" key on the keyboard. And cross your fingers it fixes itself.

Edit: Hmm, after poking around with the code and tracking the location of the theme, it would appear that things are not looking good, so I might end up changing it sooner than later...

Edit2: Arsey Arse It. It would appear that the sites I've checked using this layout host their stuff elsewhere and run their blog on their own server. Hence it being available to them. As I know ZIP about the code used to run a blog, and as it appears that the place it's hosted has in fact vanished, I have to change the layout. Buggeration.

So, this morning will see a new layout on 0ddness, with various bits and bobs vanishing until I can get them back on the new template. I've saved this one, juuuust in case it comes back on. For those of you that are still in bed (LAZY!), this is what 0ddness looked like this morning...

Ho Hum.

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4 Responses to “Hmmm”

Nancy Jensen said...

I was wondering why I your blog looked so weird. Mine is working great! :-P

Hope you get it fixed... say, maybe it's because you switched to Beta?

Dan said...

I thought that too, but the other Beta blogs using non-blogger templates seem fine and dandy. Looks like the site that stores the code and images has died, but I am hoping it's a temporary thing.

Laney said...

I've had trouble with mine too. :(

Daddy Cool said...

I switched mine over to beta and so far things have gone smoothly. fingers crossed.