To Sum Up...

For those just joining us on this wet Sunday...

0ddness got borked. 0ddness got bent over and Farmer Jed arrived with his pitchfork.

As best I can tell, the template I was using - a non-beta, non-blogger template - was hosted elsewhere. The mysterious place of Elsewhere seems to have upped, rolled over, and taken it's last breathe, leaving me with a very broken blog. No theme, no fonts, no colours, just text - here's a screenshot of what I woke up to. Not purdy.

So, I was left with a choice - either try and recode the entire thing (Which is on my list of things to do, along with walking on water and turning the bread into wine), or press the Plooey Button and start over.

And as you're reading this on ever-so-pale-blue theme, the Plooey Button is the route I took. Out of all the other blogger templates, this was the closest I could find to my previous. Of course, I've yet to figure out the new template editor completely, so links and blogs I read are now back to being oh-so-long lists.

The upside... Well, I'm not sure. I THINK this now means I can switch between the different templates and not have to fiddle-faddle with everything and redo links, chat boxes and every thing else, but I'll have to experiment. I've also added Labels to the blog template, so at the bottom of each post, I can add a label or three. This post, for example, will be filed under "Beta" and "Template". In the side box are all the current posts I've added labels to - click on a label marked, say, Beta, will show all the posts I've marked as Beta. And so on.

Rocket Science, it ain't.

So - unless I decide on a different Blogger Template against this one, this is how it's going to be. Until I can convert my previous to beta or whatever else. Don't be surprised if the look of this changes in the coming days...

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