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It's that time of the year again. In the coming days and weeks, the various movies and music channels will start "compiling" their lists, "Best Movie of All Time" "Best Song of All Time" and "Greatest Number Ones of All Time". You know the lists - they basically give the staff at the channels/radio stations the last week of the year off, with the "All time greatest (whatever) of all time" announced just before midnight on New Years Eve.

But here's the thing. A million people call in and cast their vote, but what makes something "the greatest ever". Surely if something was "The Greatest Ever" the list would be pretty much the same year in, year out - unless, of course, something amazingly spectacular arrives in that year.

So I had a bit of a dig around, seeing what I could come up with...

  • Rolling Stone #1 Album of All Time: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
  • Rolling Stone #1 Song of All Time: Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
  • VH1 #1 Rock Song of All Time: Iron Man - Black Sabbath
  • Time #1 Movie of All Time: The Godfather
Bear in mind these are based on VOTES of the public. However, surely the "#1" in each category should be based on facts - sales of an album/single/movie ticket? If that's the case, the list is a bit different...
  • IMDB #1/#2/#3 Movies of All Time (Based on $): Titanic / Star Wars / Shrek
  • RIAA #1/#2/#3 Albums of All Time (Based on millions): The Eagles: Greatest Hits / Michael Jackson: Thriller / Led Zepplin: Led Zepplin IV
  • RIAA #1/#2/#3 Artists of All Time (Based on millions): The Beatles / Elvis Presley / Garth Brooks
  • EveryHit #1/#2/#3 Singles of All Time: Elton John: Candle In The Wind / Bing Crosby: White Christmas / Bill Haley and His Comets: Rock Around The Clock
So does this mean those fricking lists at the end of each year are wrong? Guess so! I have no idea what it is about these lists that annoy me so much - I can't tell if it's some of the *crap* from that year that makes it into the top 10 because all the kids with their mobile phones vote over and over, or if it's because it happens *every* year, on the radio, the music channels, the movie channels, various web pages... Ugh...

Amazing the crap that comes into my head while doing the washing up! hehe I know, I know, too much time on my hands, too anally retentive blah blah blah...

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One Response to “...Of All Time”

Anonymous said...

lists always have some iffy results in them

...but yay for sgt pepper :P