She Got Chopped

My beautiful girlie, Jo, has been fed up with her hair of late. Wanted it trimmed, cut, styled, hacked... *sigh* I loved her long hair - I like her new style and all, but her long, long hair is no more :(

Here's a before and now.




And yes, that middle picture IS a "Take the photo or I kill you" expression. I guess she could only handle so much in the way of cleavage comments...

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5 Responses to “She Got Chopped”

Mark said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks :D

I'm happy with it, its weird going from hair down to the middle of my back, to just touching my shoulders though..

Nancy Jensen said...

I love it! Jo, you can come and give me a make over! ;)

You might want to change your picture on your profile now. :D

Laney said...

It looks lovely, very sultry. I'm a big fan of blue eyes and dark hair(hence my own dye job!)

debbie said...

Hey Jo

I think you look totally different now, so intilectual looking, now when are you going to start on Dan?