Still Poorly

So, I was going to have a long-winded post lamenting my poorliness. Yes, I like to milk things ;) My head is pounding, my joints are aching, and my throat feels like I've had something stuffed down it.

Get your mind out the gutter.

However, I'm sitting here being moody. Why? Check this Blog: Alans Blog Log.

*gasp* There's no blog there you say? And do you know why that is? Well, those that read Alans blog knows he is currently in the Middle East - Dubai, to be exact - doing his thing in the hotel business. I'm still not sure exactly what it is he does, but he's a busy chap. However, a few days back, his blog vanished. A few of us asked around, until he posted three comments on Minges blog:

hi guys. I've deleted my entire blog at the request of my employer. The hotel has discovered by blog and complained that I was "bringing them into disrepute". The IT department here has been spying on my web activities and reported me to the general manager.

The fact that they have employed a marketing company with a GAY manager is obviously, for them, a serious thing.

When I was asked to delete it I had no reason to argue. I can't afford to lose the job I love but I can see the hotels point of view.

This is one of the reasons that most of us free Western thinkers do not live in Islamic countries.

I will start a new blog very soon.

I would just like to add:

The hotel is currently blocking my personal email account on googlemail. If you have sent anything to me then I won't be able to read it until I reach a free thinking society.

I leave this country in about two weeks and will be home on Oct 4th. I'll only be home for 1 day but I will try to reply to all emails. In the meantime please use this:

(Address deleted to prevent spammage)

Be aware that anything you send WILL be monitored.

I'm glad to say I have started a new blog.

enjoy, and please leave comments 'cos I miss you all enormously. At least the client can't complain now as my new blog is entirely anon.

Censorship at it's best. I'm not sure HOW he was bringing them into disrepute, but there you are. I'm also not convinced they can instruct someone to delete a whole webpage without any legal backing, but Alan values his job. Alan speaks his mind about everything, and likes to entertain. He did a post last week that was so bloody amusing me and Jo were in stitches reading it. I'm going to see if Google has a copy in it's cache.

Anyways - if you read Alans blog, you now know where to find him.

And I am still ill :(

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