Well Nuts

So we went into town. That was a joyous occasion. The parents that didn't think about it last week - today they realise their kids go back to school tomorrow or Wednesday, so it was Chaos x6 down there today. Craziness.

We got home, and my train of though went along the lines of "Must water Bethys tree... Need to clean the porch... I know, I'll mow the lawn... And what the heck, tidy up the flower beds as well... And then lug the tree across the front garden again". Yes, again I fragged myself.

And then in the closing moments of the day, Peter came back with the backed-up hard drive, clean with a nice shiny Windows XP install on it so we could start over.... Nothing. So viva la broken laptop, greetings to the new paperweight.

At least my docs and stuff were saved.

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One Response to “Well Nuts”

joansy said...

Sorry Dan! I've been there too. If it happens again I may check out a macintosh. What I really, really want is a laptop without a dumb ass trackpad. I like my little orange pointy button the middle.