And The Rush Is Done!

The last few days have been pretty amusing with school restarting - where's this, where's that, what time does it start and finish, does this count, should this be filled out, what's he going to eat... We were pretty much sorted, but there were one or two things that needed doing before the actual start of school, but lucky for me I am so well organised ;)

Jaysen was a bit nervous of going back, mainly because he didn't know all the kids in his new class, and because he didn't know the teacher - he's a bit like me, not sure on his feet around strangers (I'm not a people person what it comes to face-to-face), but overall he couldn't wait for school.

So, we all went into school yesterday and left him there - it was like his first day all over again - the uncertainty, seeing people you've not seen for a while, him not sure where to go - but their new teacher (Mrs Barking or Mrs Barkings - we're still not sure!) took them all in and that was that. No phone call during the day, no "rush-back-to-the-school-because-he's-missing-mummy", no problems with the lunch box... End of the day we're outside, and out comes the little dervish, beaming from ear to ear - he loved it, the teacher is "Really nice and really cool!", and he had a great day.

They get a snack mid-morning that isn't just carrot sticks, and next week they start swimming lessons. As a kid I was terrified of swimming, so hopefully it will do him good.

And now here I sit, just under an hour till we have to do it all over again, but thankfully, the rush is now done, and he loves it in there. We had visions of that other teacher having a grumpy younger sister in Juniors, but we're safe. It's all good, as they say ;)

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