What The Hell?!

OK, so I feel rough, which would explain me feeling rather... warm... But seriously - it's ten days from October, and I've got all the doors and windows thrown open. It's hotter NOW than it was during the school holidays in August. Two weeks ago, I was contemplating sorting out the heating, but sod that.

Don't get me wrong, I love the summer as much as any other person (that is, the people that aren't crotchety old gits moaning about it) but it seems odd that we're fast-approaching Autumn, which over here means Wind, Rain, Rain, some more Rain, and Wind. Yet here we are, basking in the sun. Even the light breeze we have is warm. Great for me with a stupidly high temperature.

Two months ago, the Met Office announced this winter would be mild and dry. Now they're saying it's likely to be extra cold.

Yep, the same office that told us that October 1987 was going to be "a bit windy". They buggered that up too... Really. Spectaculary.

Hard to think it was almost 20 years ago!

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3 Responses to “What The Hell?!”

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love it - will have serious withdrawal sypmtoms when the actual autumn weather sets in :(

Stuart Wilson said...

Roll on the autumn/winter seasons... Dark, cold wintery days and nights... being snug indoors with the wind blowing down the chimney and the rain hitting the windows with me flat out on the settee with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate.

I wouldn't class myself as one of those moaning gits who complain about the hot weather but.... COME ON AUTUMN - SUMMER HAS HAD IT'S TURN, NOW ITS YOUR GO!!! :)

debbie said...

Come cool weather were are you???? my lil baby doesn't like this heat, he cant get to ware his cloths when its muggy and hot like today oh and peeing down with rain