Another Good Day

So I am getting more and more convinced my moodiness is weather-related vs. actual depression. Yay Me. Boo for the fact that "Hey, it's October - Autumn & Winter is here dickhead!" So I guess I'll just plod on. The sun was out as we left for school this morning, despite having being all over the place from the moment I got up. Got in, cleaned up, played on the computer for a bit - hence the video clip below which makes me chuckle - then had Ruth and Celeste over for lunch. Damn them eating my soup. Got the kids, had coffee at Ruths, came home, watched X-Men 3 on DVD.

Still a good movie - being the geek I know of a few errors made with continuity from other X-Men sources, but that's neither here nor there. The movie is very good, and I enjoyed it, but....

The key item for the whole DVD is in the trailers section. You know, it doesn't take a whole lot to make me laugh, nor catch my interest. If it's new, if it's different but mainly, if it makes me laugh - I'm there. So the ad on there for the "Big Xmas Movie" made me want Xmas to actually come faster.

Cue A Night at the Museum. Ben Stiller plus others. Ben Stiller cracks me up anyways - I know people don't like him, but not me! So I watched the advert which is better at the Official Site with the various famous people in it, and I really really wanna see it.

Anyways, Jo has just delivered a large bowl of soup in front of me, and once the boy is in bed, we're going to watch The Brothers Grimm again. I seem to remember not enjoying it hugely, but can't be sure. No doubt I will be back here bitching before bed if I'm right. Course, I won't admit if I am actually wrong.

No no, let's not go mad!

Edit: Meh, not a bad film, not excellent, the usual wierdness of Terry Gilliam, but I recall why I didn't enjoy it huge amounts. Nothing to tell though ;)

Now you'll have to excuse me, Sinny - the Evil Cat From Hell - has just fallen in the toilet. Karma - gotta love it.

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