Friday 13th October, 2000

Today is THAT day, and it's exactly THAT day. Now, I know some of you are superstitious, I know some of you aren't, and others, well - I don't have a clue. Black cats, broken mirrors, umbrella-opening indoors, walking under ladders - there's plenty out there, and most of it I believe firmly is a pile of tosh.

Friday 13th, however, is a liiiittle bit different. More specifically, Friday 13th October, 2000. Today is the first Friday 13th October SINCE 2000. How do I know this? Because on this day in the year 2000, we went to Basildon Hospital for a routine scan on Jo's bump. We sat, the sonographer umm'd and arrr'd and hit us with those immortal words that put us on a completely different path from other pregnancies. "I think there might be something wrong with your babies heart"

We went from the ultrasound department to the scan midwife, who whisked us away to another midwife who sat and explained it may be nothing, but to be sure, they'd refer us to Guys Hospital in London. But - she said - we'd have to wait for an appointment. Being that it was Friday, we'd have to stew over the weekend.

Strange to think that THAT was the moment all this started.

Which is why I am now paranoid of TODAY. Don't get me wrong, I'm not down, depressed or upset or anything, but I knew today was coming. Here I sit, in a towel, seeing the sun trying to hit the horizon, knowing it's going to be a nice day. Today is the anniversary of the day it all started.

Of course, I don't have a plan for today - the Sky Repair Man saw to that. We've been without TV since Saturday, and today was the first appointment we could get. Me and Jo - not so bothered. Jaysen... Well, let's just say he's not been the most cheery of cheery souls this week.

With it being Friday 13th, I worry that the repair man will come to a sticky end. Ladders, sharp tools, electrical wires, my house.... If I disappear, you'll know something happened ;)

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3 Responses to “Friday 13th October, 2000”

Nancy Jensen said...

Friday the 13th in October... yes, it can be a scary day. I didn't remember it was the day that you found out that Bethy's heart wasn't perfect. I know that a lot of bad memories can come up from that fateful day.... BUT on the other hand, that's what started you looking online about CHD and you found us! (hhhmmm... still wondering if that is a GOOD thing? lol) Well, to all us CHD parents out there who have enjoyed getting to know Bethy through your emails and enjoying your wit and charm... to us it can be a good thing. Besides that, I'm holding a Creative Memories Scrapbooking event that will be lots of fun! So hopefully you will get your TV back with nobody getting injured and my event will go well.

The Special Zipper said...

Here's hoping your repairman comes early, doesn't take a topple from the roof and you can have an enjoyable day.

Connor's triple procedure (bronchoscopy, endoscopy, laryngoscopy (or something like that) + 24 hour ph probe was shifted from today to Monday. As you already know I am not superstitious, but this is Connor we are talking about who doesn't follow the rules in the medical books .. so I was happy it was moved.

Here's to great customer service ... don't forget the good old snail mail ... I am a renound letter writer when I get pissed off with service. I think many people these days forget it is the consumer (yeah us clients) that pay their salary.

Anyway it is probably on par with the growing trend in Australia to have offshore call centres in India. I don't have anything against India or their people but more against the company policies to do such a thing. I try to dodge them know when I can ... the companies that is.

Now you've fired me up so much ... I hate telemarketers calling me at home .. the other day Tarnya gives me the phone .. some guy I can't even understand wants to talk to you. He tries to talk telecommunications ... I say we are in a contract (good excuse to terminate call quickly .. mind you why do I need to be nice about it .. how about "i'm not interested, please don't call me again". Somehow I try to be too nice. Anyway he then said 'I am calling from Australia'. Funny ... the delay time on the line seemed like an overseas call to me ... but what would I know. I must be dumb. My response was "I don't care if you are calling from Australia or overseas, I am not interested ... clunk".

How did I get to this from Friday 13th, far out I must be scarred by these guys.

Em's way said...

Not going to send you simpering sympathy as I know its not what you need, but am sending loadsa good vibes that today passes without incident. Hope the TV is fixed before Jaysen gets home :)