Being Social

So last night we went out, and I mean we went out, not going to a friends house for beers. Jo dressed herself up and looked stunning as ever - I threw on jeans and a shirt and looked like Dan. As ever.

Anyways, we went to see a Bon Jovi tribute band, and aside from starting a bit later than we expected, they kicked bottom. The Bon Jovi Experience - lead singer looked a bit like Jon Bon Jovi himself and certainly sounded like him. The band were great as well, and we had a really great time.

Numbers let them down though - Sunday night just seems like an odd night to go out rocking - and even though the venue could hold a couple of hundred, there were about 30 people there. Didn't stop them though.

Of course, I'm currently deaf in the right ear... Occupational Hazard of a clubber ;)

Jaysen stayed with Ruth last night and was good as good for her. She also watched Tam for us, but just after midnight we went back for the rugrat - who was equally good. Jo had worn her very slinky corset that I bought her a while back, and Ruth made mention that she's like to get one at some point. Never a good thing to say to Jo. She promptly removed her corset and slapped Ruth in it. Let's just say, after having breathing issues, Ruth no longer wants a corset ;)

We got in close to 1am and flopped into bed, only to have the alarm clock poke us awake at 7am so Jo could head to Ruths and help her sort the kids for school.

Got a busy one today as well - have a guest travelling cross-country with something for us, so am frantically cleaning house before they arrive. Between now (9am) and lunchtime, I've got to clear up the kitchen, sort out the worlds supply of laundry, as well as get to town, shop, and get to the station to meet said-friend.


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