Lazy Sunday

We're off out tonight, Jaysen is staying with Ruth for the night, and we're collecting Tam when we're home. Off to see a Bon Jovi tribute band or somesuch. Not sure where or anything, as someone else did all the planning.

As such, we've done bugger all today. Well, that's a semi-lie. We've got someone over tomorrow which should be interesting, so I've been clearing up all morning, got to clean the floor later once the house is slightly quieter, generally playing housewife. Had a shower, and then just sort of sat all day which I never do.

Here's a warning. Never ever hire, borrow, buy, rent or otherwise get a hold of Date Movie. Holy pants and all that is pure, what a pile of Shite. With a capital S. We'd heard it was amusing, and Jo ordered it on Pay Per View. Once I've hidden her body, I'm going after the person that said it was funny.

The astute of you will see that on camera, it's gross weather outside. I've only just gotten dressed (at 3.30pm) and only just looked outside and see the rain, and now it's turning into a thunder storm. The very observant of you will spy the top-right of the camera has a Daddy Long Legs on it.

So, lazy day. I've watched more TV today than pretty much all of September.

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