Blog Neglect!

Lucky for me it's not a crime ;)

So where've I been? Actually, I'm not sure myself, and am not even sure how I made it to Thursday already. We've been busy over the last few days, shopping, paying bills, out and about helping the worlds supply of idiots... The "broken TV" turned out to be two dead batteries in the remote, which was the second thing I checked - the first being "was it plugged in correctly".

The gloomy weather is making me tired, but I've been up really early for the last few days as well, so it's adding up - lucky me it's the last day of term tomorrow, so we have a week of school.

Movies - caught Adam Sandler in Click which was a very good movie, made me laugh a lot (and Jo cry at the end). Also saw The Ringer which I won't go into, but it wasn't funny.

Gemma is getting ready to move out of her dinky little flat (apartment to you crazies abroad) into a house finally, so it's panic stations there. If anyone wants a very nice blue sofa and armchair, she's selling the pair for £250 - she paid something like £1700 for the a few years back, and they are spotless and immaculate. You've only got a few days to decide though! Of course, if you live a long way away, you'll have to arrange getting them too. And Tim, you're just NOT eligable.

Other stuff - nothing to report really. Miguel is well and truly nestled into the family now, he and Sally come to get the kids from school in the afternoon, and he has to have a wash after dinner every night - stupid beard. I think Jo wants to "trim" it, but she's worried about whiskers.

So, all in all, quiet on the western front I suppose. Just been busy, but not sure how!

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2 Responses to “Blog Neglect!”

Nancy Jensen said...

Who says that blog neglect isn't a crime? It's right up there with sending peanut butter sandwiches to school with your kid and teaching them that there are winners and losers. Gee Dan, where have you been?

Nancy Jensen said...

Oh, and I thought I was on the Western Front... at least on the SouthWestern front. ;-P