The Can't-Be-Arsed's

Today I am tired. Tam decided to blast us awake at 3am with a night terror - full on screaming in abject terror - and then decided that the crack of dawn was an appropriate time to get up. Between then and 8.20am, it was feed kids, feed animals, get to school. Got in at 9.15am and kinda just... flopped.

Jo is much better - up, showered, fed and dressed - and aside from being drained from emptying her body anally and orally (what?! hehe), is on the mend.

I've gotten some laundry done, Tam has been running around, the dogs have been playing, and aside from feeding me Jo and Tam, I've achieved diddly-squat. I think I overdid it yesterday and another crappy night means my batteries are flashing on red.


To the coffee machine!

*vanishes in a ripple of black cloak and smoke bomb*

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4 Responses to “The Can't-Be-Arsed's”

Laney said...

I'm feeling pretty much the same Dan. I daren't touch the coffee though, it'll keep me up tonight. That's it, I must get up and do something!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to think this man actually loves me, the way he describes my each and every movement, bowel or otherwise to all his readers...

If you don't see a post on here for a while, don't panic, I've just shown how much I appreciate his sharing ;)

Laney said...


I think I can hear his screams as you torture him from here!

LOL :)

debbie said...

I do hope Dan hasn't got what you have just had:( poor Dan, or actually poor you Jo, I am sure Dan makes a pathetic patient..:)