Where did Thursday go? Hmmmm... I think the Evil Pixie Nation are at work against me once more, as I seem to have completely missed yesterday. Reasoning? Well, I was alternating between "Mega Busy Man" and "Slob Boy" but none-the-less. Let's see...

Jo is still feeling poorly - whatever stomach bug she's had is still floating around her innards, and while she's not being as ill as she was, she's got that constant queasy feeling. To add to the "fun" our friend Ruth now has it too. Which means yesterday morning I had to sort the kids and get them to school on my lonesome. Ruth is due to have her fella down this weekend, but if she's ill, she's going to have to cancel. We're still trying to place the source of the bug, but the popular theory is that it's Tam, who has a bit of a funny belly. Tam is also teething, currently pushing out three teeth and two ruddy-great molars, so she is a barrel of laughs. Ibuprofen for Kids to the rescue.


The plan was to grab Ruth some shopping from the local shop, shoot into town, get our shopping, come home, housework, walk the dogs, bath the dogs, get the kids, do dinner, put kids to bed, play games or watch DVDs. Simple. Of course, being that I foolishly made plans, it went more like School Run, Ruths Shopping, phone call to come home, Jo then came with me to town with Tam, we chatted to a friend of ours who is having a crap time, wandered around Asda, went back to our friend, chatted some more (and gave her chocs and flowers to cheer her up!), bus home, shopping away, vegitate. Rather, that was the plan.

We downloaded a trial for a rather pants game we played before, under the impression they'd improved it. Jo installed it, I installed it but crashed at 98%. I then spent two hours trying to delete 5Gb of data that would not be removed. I ended up formatting the drive. Jo, in the mean time, installed, updated, created and played her game - which still sucks, so uninstalled it.

I think flicked and farted between a couple of different games, namely the ever-present Warcraft, and my first love, Dark Age of Camelot (that game sucked up 3 years of my life!), before heading back to school to get the squids. Got in, houseworked away, did dinner, bathed kids, got them to bed, sat for Warcraft - server crashed. Buggerit.

So at half eight last night we went to bed with Shanghai Knights.

And this morning, up at 6am again.

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